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“We ensure that all the parts of your septic system are working- call us today!”

When your septic system is installed correctly, you shouldn't worry much about repairs or replacement. However, when it does, call Martins Pumping Service LLC first. We are proud to serve Frederick County, Virginia, and the neighboring areas.

A septic ejector pump is an integral part of your septic system. When it needs repairs or replacement, call us right away. Our team can provide fast and professional service that fixes the problem the first time.

We work on your schedule, whether it’s in the evening, on the weekend, or a holiday. We have the necessary tools and equipment for all our septic services.

Martins Pumping Service LLC offers a full range of septic services, including:


Our septic professionals are honest and dependable. We offer emergency septic services whenever you need one.

When you understand your plumbing system, you can prevent costly septic pump repairs. By being aware of the issues before they become bigger, you can take some corrective action.
Here are some of the things that you need to know about your septic pumps.

Not all homes have one.

Septic pumps are installed in properties where the sewage can’t move fast enough on its own. This includes properties with an elevated septic tank or a basement bathroom.

Choosing the right size is essential.

Septic pumps come in all sizes and models. A septic pump should supply sufficient power to move effluent at a rate of two feet/second. Some models have a built-in grinder feature to reduce clogging.

Watch what you flush.

Plumbing systems outfitted with a septic pump are even more sensitive than usual. You need to be careful in flushing several items down your toilet drain.

Your septic pump may need repairs if it shows the following signs:

Foul Smells
Improper Cycling
Unusual Noises

If you think there is a problem with your septic pump, call Martins Pumping Service LLC right away. Septic problems are a potential health risk to your family. Let our team of septic professionals provide fast repairs at competitive prices.

The Martins Pumping Service Difference

Residents and business owners rely on Martins Pumping Service LLC to keep their septic systems healthy. Our technicians can take on any septic job, from big to small. Our prices are all-inclusive, and we never charge overtime.

We show up when promised and finish the work on time. We provide a complete written estimate for all our septic services.

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Do not wait for your septic system to fail you! Call the professionals of Martins Pumping Service LLC for all your septic needs.

You can reach us at (540) 667-4038. You can also check our website for more information about our septic services.

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