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Just like how you get a house inspection when you buy a new property, your septic system also needs to be examined. Before moving into a new property, a septic inspection is a must. Martins Pumping Service LLC provides inspection services to Frederick County, Virginia.

We encourage all buyers and sellers to have a septic tank inspection before moving in. There might be some issues that need to be addressed. We are always ready to help you provide the solutions to your septic issues.

Generally, septic systems are buried underground. Their nature can make visual inspection difficult or impossible without using specialized tools.

Today, camera-assisted septic inspection methods have improved the efficiency of this job. It allows septic professionals to inspect every part of the system thoroughly.

Our team sends a digital camera through your entire septic system and drain field. This camera provides unparalleled visualization of all the parts of your septic system.

From there, we can assess your septic system thoroughly. We will identify the potentials for future problems such as buildup and leaks.

Before buying a property, it’s essential to know the condition of the septic system. A septic system plays a vital role in the performance of your plumbing system. It affects your property’s health and safety conditions, too.

Since your septic system is buried underground, a professional septic inspection is needed. This process will thoroughly assess its condition, maintenance history, and likely future performance.

While a property inspection can help, a separate septic tank inspection is essential.

Not all property inspectors are septic experts. They may only check the visible portions of your septic tank to make it appear in good condition. Yet, a separate septic tank inspection will reveal all the details about the real state of your tank.

Septic tank problems are easy to avoid but expensive to repair.

You don’t want to move into a new home only to know that the septic system needs repair. Septic tank inspections will alert you to potential problems before buying the property.

We carry with us over 50 years of experience in the septic industry. Our septic professionals are knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of septic services.

Martins Pumping Service LLC offers a full range of septic services. We cater to the residents and businesses of Frederick County, Virginia.


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