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Grease Trap Problems? Explore Reliable Grease Trap Services

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Martins Pumping Service LLC offers grease trap cleaning services. We clean the grease traps of residences and businesses in Frederick County, Virginia. We guarantee a professional clean every single time.

We are a dependable and professional septic company. You can trust us for a professional service anytime you need it.

Grease traps work in the same way as septic tanks. The water that enters the drains from fixtures like sinks, floor drains, and dishwashers all lead to your grease trap.

Like how scum acts in a septic tank, the accumulated grease rises to the top of your grease trap. In contrast, the other foods and liquids settle at the bottom.

If your grease trap overflows, it can cause several problems and can even result in an unsanitary water backup in:

Surrounding homes
The streets
Surrounding businesses

So, when your grease trap is not cleaned correctly, the deposits that go down the drains can affect the health and safety of your property.

As one of the leading grease trap cleaners in the industry, we understand the importance of clean grease traps. Proper grease trap pumping and cleaning is one of the most important parts of commercial kitchen maintenance.

The law requires cleaning and removing grease trap wastes properly. Martins Pumping Service LLC is strict when it comes to complying with health and safety standards.

The easiest way to maintain a clean and sanitary kitchen is to keep your grease traps properly. Proper grease trap maintenance can prevent foul odors. It will ensure that your whole drain system is flowing correctly.

One of the best ways to tell if your grease trap is due for cleaning is to identify any foul odors around your property. When your grease trap overflows, it can lead to blockages and clog up sewer lines. It can result in a backup of unsanitary water in the streets as well as in the surrounding businesses and homes.

The law mandates regular cleaning of your grease traps. Martins Pumping Service LLC is the most trusted grease trap cleaning company in Frederick County, Virginia. You can rely on us for a thorough cleaning and disposing of waste properly.


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