What To Do During a Drainage Emergency?

An overpowering stench wafted through your property, its acrid fumes causing you to squint and rub at your eyes. With the urgent need to locate the source of this foulness, you made haste around each room and hallway until a dark pool splashed against your shoe. You could not believe what lay before you: Wastewater flooding because of a clogged sewer line!

Don’t let distress set in; act swiftly and decisively to keep the issue from escalating. This blog post provides you with 3 steps to respond immediately during a drainage emergency. Follow these instructions to keep everything under control.

Remember These Steps

  1. Wash Away: Make sure to thoroughly clean all of your clothing and shoes that have been exposed to contaminated water so you avoid getting sick from any potential pathogens in the future. Additionally, wash your hands regularly for extra protection if you find yourself engaged in cleaning duty.
  2. Children and Pets First: When in an agitated state, the tendency may be to rush away from potential issues. However, before doing so, make sure to secure children and pets out of harm’s way as they are much more susceptible to illness, and after that is done, call a professional in sewer line clearing. 
  3. Call a Professional: Do not attempt to inspect any electrical appliances that have come into contact with water on your own. Contact an electrician immediately for the best advice and assistance in resolving the issue safely, using the proper tools and procedures.

Keep an Eye on These Signs

Now that you’ve learned how to tackle the main aspects of this issue let us provide a few explanations as to why your drain can be blocked to the point of flooding your property:


  • Tree roots: Regularly tend to your trees to prevent their roots from wreaking havoc on your drainage system.


  • Hair: To prevent potential future issues, keep your hair away from the drain when you wash it.
  • Soap: Avoid throwing remnants of your last soup down the drain at all costs – soap, less common than hair, can be a huge nuisance in pipes and cause severe clogs.


  • Remaining Food: Refrain from discarding the food leftovers into your kitchen sink – it may seem like a harmless shortcut; however, in time, this will create a big issue.

This Is a Critical Situation; Treat It As One

End the worry and stress of a dead-end situation with Martins Pumping Service Team. We have over 50 years of expertise and advanced technology and procedures to ensure your sewer lines are cleared quickly and efficiently. You can trust our service for a dependable result in an unclogging main sewer line process.

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