The Differences Between Sewers & Drains Revealed at Last!

As a proud homeowner, you take great care to keep your home in perfect order. However, something has been causing you distress – the sewer line system. You understand the importance of caring for them but are unsure about how to differentiate between drains and sewers or what steps need to be taken for optimal upkeep.

To help you better understand the unique characteristics of each type, we will explain how they differ and provide insight into their long-term maintenance. In this blog, we are your ultimate guide to taking care of these important items for years to come!

They Are Different.

All You Need to Know About Drains

Drains are exclusive pipes that transfer water and wastewater from a particular building – like a home or office tower – to the sewer system. You may come across several varieties of drains, for example, donut drains and lateral drains, but each type has its specific role.

Let Us Talk About Sewers

In the second place, we have the sewers responsible for connecting multiple buildings via the same sewer line. Its capacity is much larger than that of a single drain. It works by storing wastewater until it is ready to be moved to the treatment plant.

What Does This All Mean?

Put simply, drains and sewers are two components of the same system – one brings water to the second, where it is sent on its way. Consequently, maintaining both drainage and sewerage structures is essential; a clogged drain may result in murky waters inside your home’s sewage network, while an obstructed sewer can cause wastewater to flow back into your abode.

How to Maintain Any of the Two

If you’re considering a DIY approach to solving your drain problem, remember that there’s no guarantee it will be successful. If handled improperly, this could lead to foul odors and dirty water filling up your home – an unpleasant outcome at best! To avoid this catastrophe altogether, get in touch with the experts from Martins Pumping Service for reliable assistance.

We have a broad range of reliable services, such as pressurized water jets, pipe lining, and even pipe bursting. If you need help with your pipes, contact them today. With their expertise and up-to-date equipment, they’ll be sure to solve any issue quickly! For more information about Martin’s drain or sewer cleanout process, visit

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