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While alone at home, a mysterious gurgling sound draws you to the bathroom door. With trepidation, you open it, only to be met with sewage all over the pristine white tiles and bathtub. Panic takes hold as you realize that you could have avoided this if you had just cleaned your septic tank every three to five years! It’s understandable why such an unexpected incident would provoke alarm – but now is the time for action.

To avoid untimely catastrophes, the most sensible action is to contact Martins Pumping Service. This family-run business has been providing dependable septic tank cleaning services to many communities for over half a century now and offers quick yet affordable septic tank cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial premises.

Why a Clogged Septic Tank Is a Big Problem?

Although you may assume that fixing the present issue could be sufficient for your property to return to its usual state, we want to emphasize the potential problems you might face if you do not permit a team of specialists to inspect your septic tank on an ongoing basis.

Sewage Backup

As we have mentioned before, the most apparent threat posed by a clogged septic tank is the risk of wastewater and sewage overflowing from the pipes. It will cause immense damage to your property and could also prove hazardous for you and your family’s health due to bacterial contamination.

Contamination of Soil and Groundwater

When the wastewater from your septic tank is released, it has a long-term effect on the surrounding soil and groundwater. This means that any vegetables or fruits you grow in your backyard could now be unsafe for consumption as they will contain numerous disease-causing pathogens.

Costly Repairs

If you fail to undergo regular septic tank pumping services, it could lead to broken pipes and costly repairs. The longer the accumulated sludge and pollutants remain in your system, the more likely significant damage will occur, so keep that in mind. 

Don’t Let Your Septic Tank Become a Problem

Don’t get caught in a hazardous and unpleasant bind – ensure your septic tank is kept up-to-date with regular maintenance. At Martins Pumping Service, we have the expertise to help you extricate yourself from this situation with over 50 years of experience dedicated to septic tank pumping. Our team has got you covered, whether for residential or commercial properties; our equipment and service are top-notch in repairing and maintaining these systems.


Stop scouring the internet for “septic services near me,” and reach out to us now. We’ll get started helping you right away! If you’d like additional information about our team, please visit our website at

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