Septic Tank Pumping to Maintain Your Tank.

When you take care of your home, you know when something needs your attention. The ceiling leaks if your roof needs a patch. Your vacuum starts creating a noise if it’s clogged.

Your septic system is no different. However, it might be harder to know when it needs maintenance.

Septic tanks are beautiful green projects. That’s why they need proper care to be able to carry out their functions. If you neglect your septic tank pumping schedule, you could be in for a lot of headaches down the road and out of a lot of money.

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What Does a “Full” Septic Tank Mean?

Before sharing the signs that you need to keep an eye out for, it’s essential to know what a “full” septic tank means. Generally, a “full” septic tank has three different definitions.

Normal Level

It means your septic tank is filled to level it was designed to hold. The average level means the intake and outtake valves allow the waste and wastewater to flow correctly with no issues. When your tank is pumped, it will be emptied. However, it will return to the normal level of “full.”

Accumulation of Sludge

This is a common problem experienced by homeowners. Over time, sludge can accumulate and become trapped. It will not disappear on its own and will have to be removed. Wastewater will continue to flow out to your drainage area.

Overfilled Tank

An overfilled tank will get to a point where the leach field stops accepting water. If this happens, water will back up into the tank. The water levels will rise to the very top of capacity.

How do you know when it’s about time to have a septic tank pump-out? We have compiled the signs to help you determine if your septic system is in trouble. If you notice these signs, call an expert and consider scheduling septic tank pumping.

Presence of water pools on the lawn

The drain field of your septic tank is the last stop in the wastewater treatment process. This is where the soil further treats the liquid.

If the tank has reached its limit or is having a problem, the water will start pooling on top of the field. Solid wastes may be clogging your pipes. This forces the water to rise to the surface.

Household’s drains are running slow.

The normal flow of your wastewater moves into the septic tank, where the solid wastes settle to the bottom. The sludge rises to the top, and the middle section contains the liquid released into the drain field.

If this process backs up, your household drains won’t operate properly. Wastewater has nowhere to go. The only solution to this is through a septic tank pumping.

Foul odors in your premises

All systems using water drain into the septic system. This includes your dishwasher, clothes washer, sinks, and toilets. If the tank becomes full, it will give off a foul odor that should generally be contained and treated in the tank. You need a septic tank pumping if you stand near the drain field and smell bad odors.

High Nitrate Content in Well Water

If you have well water in addition to your septic tank system, it is recommended that you test your water at least once a year. If the results of the tests show a higher level of nitrate, there is a problem.

Your wastewater may be overflowing your septic tank and leaching into your drinking water. This sign can be hazardous to your health if it is not addressed immediately.

Sewage backup

This is the most worrisome sign that indicates your system is in trouble. There are cases that if this is not attended immediately, this can also flood your floors, making your house unsafe. If you notice this, call your septic tank service provider immediately.

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