What Happens When You Put Oil or Fat Down the Drain?

If you’ve ever been in a kitchen, you’ve probably seen a bottle or can of cooking oil or grease sitting there. Many people use these to help their food cook more easily, for frying donuts or chicken, for example. However, if these oils and fats are poured down the drain, they can clog your pipes and cause many problems. 

This is because fats are more difficult to break down than other substances, and they can easily coat the insides of pipes, which makes them much more likely to clog up. In this informative piece, we’ll explain why oils are bad for your pipes, how they can affect you, and the best solution. Let’s get started!

In this blog post, we’ll explain the main components of a septic tank, how they work, and who should clean them for proper maintenance. All you need to know is here below. Let’s dive in!

Why Is Fat/Oil Is Bad For Your Pipes

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Oil or fat should not be put down the drain because it solidifies in pipes and can cause them to clog. This can damage your home’s drain system, costing you a lot of money if it isn’t fixed properly.

If you want to avoid costly repairs and keep your home’s drain system functioning properly, never put oil or fat down the drain. This includes cooking grease, bacon fat, vegetable oil, and other oily liquids. 

Instead, dispose of them properly in a waste bin outside your home so that they don’t end up causing problems for you later on.

You Might Affect Your Entire Sewer System!

Oil can be hazardous to your home’s sewer system. If left untreated, oil can harden and clog your pipes, preventing the proper flow of water through the system. This can lead to expensive repairs and even health issues like mold. 

Oil is a common cause of plumbing problems. If you suspect your home’s sewer system may be impacted by oil, it’s important to take action immediately. Some signs to look out for include: slow drains, clogged toilets or sinks, and strong odors around the pipes. 

And if you notice standing water in your toilet or sink, this could mean that oil is starting to build up in your pipes and might need a professional to use grease trap cleaning tools.

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