The Ultimate Guide to Unclogging Your Toilet

After a long day, you deserve to relax in the peace and comfort of your home. But lately, that’s been impossible due to a clogged toilet – an issue that can be both inconvenient and anxiety-inducing. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with these five simple steps for unclogging your toilet quickly without having to call anyone else. Follow along, so soon enough you’ll have the relief (and relaxation) you need!

  1. Trust in the Dish Soap

Now, this sounds strange but bear with us. Start by squirting some dish soap into the toilet bowl and wait for about fifteen minutes. The dish soap should break up the clog and make it easier to flush out all at once!

  1. Hot Water Is Another Option

When dish soap alone isn’t cutting it, adding some hot water could be the solution! Fill a bucket with lukewarm bathwater and then pour it into the bowl from waist level – its power might break apart whatever is causing that pesky clog.

  1. Use a Hanger Drain Snake

If the clog is more severe, you may need to remove the blockage manually. Straighten out a wire coat hanger without using a plunger and push one end into the clogged pipe or drain. Carefully prod until whatever is stuck in there comes loose and can flow freely again.

  1. Make a Baking Soda Mix

Try this all-natural solution as an alternative to using dish soap for situations where you’re without a plunger. Pour one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar into the toilet and allow it to fizz for a half hour until the clog dissipates!

  1. Use The Plunger!

If nothing else works, then it’s time to bring out the trusty plunger! Place it securely on top of the clogged drain and press firmly down to create a tight seal. You can unblock your drain in one swift motion with some determined effort.

Learning How to Unclog a Toilet on Your Own Is Simple but Not Always Efficient

Congratulations! You have tackled the difficult job of unclogging your toilet, but if you weren’t as successful in doing so, then there could be other underlying issues at home – such as a full septic tank. To help restore normalcy and comfort to your house, Martins Pumping Service LLC offers an unbeatable septic tank pumping service to restore your house’s normalcy and comfort!

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