How to Stop Drain-Loving Rats from Getting into Your Property

Homeowning comes with many responsibilities, and ensuring comfort at home is your top one. Unfortunately, when you find that a rat has just rattled up your toilet, it causes you to feel overwhelmed – but there is no need to worry! Managing other areas of your life is demanding enough as it is; this blog will provide three helpful tips on how to keep pesky rodents away from your drains once and for all!

  1. Inspection Is Key

Thoroughly inspect all the pipes leading from your property for any fractures or openings, particularly around the release stack. If you suspect rodents have found a way in, do not hesitate to call an expert- it is always better to be cautious!

  1. Periodic Drain Cleaning Will Help

A dirty drain is a surefire way to attract rodents, so it is essential to ensure that drains are regularly cleaned. A professional drain cleaner visit should be scheduled at least twice a year to prevent any buildup of debris and waste in the pipes.

  1. Use a Trusty Rat Trap 

If the rat problem persists, metal cages can be placed above your pipes in the discharge stack to trap any rodents trying to enter your drain. Though this is a fast and effective solution, please remember that it may not be suitable for those of us with faint hearts, given that you must manually remove trapped rats from the cages.

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septic system installation loundon county virginia

Keeping Your Drains Clean Should Not Be Complicated

Don’t let rats roaming your drains cause future disasters in the form of an infested property. Martins Pumping Service LLC is here to prevent such a nightmare – we understand how alarming it can be for any home to be overrun by rodents and are dedicated to providing you with superior sewer line clearing solutions so that this situation never arises.

Starting your rodent-free journey is simple–give us a call at 540-667-4038 to receive your free quote. Once you decide on our services, we’ll get started immediately and have the job done in no time! Get rid of those pests with ease by dialing today for an accurate estimate of the work that needs to be completed.

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